New Jersey Home Raising

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NJ House Lifting

New Jersey Home Raising may be necessary for a number of reasons. If your home has been flooded by Hurricane Sandy then you are probably all too familiar with being displaced and the  frustration of rebuilding and finding out your insurance company is not out to help you. To prevent this from ever happening again, it is essential that you raise your New Jersey Home above the new FEMA Base Flood Elevation and on a foundation that is adequate to your zone that they have determined.

The advantages will outweigh the costs. Call us now for a free assessment of your house raising job in NJ. Each year we run the danger of a 1% probability of Nor’easter or another Hurricane causing the same or even more damage and moving through our area.

Peace of Mind

Keep your family safe with home elevation from Penn Jersey Development Co..

Save Money

Retain your home’s equity and reduce the cost of flood insurance.

More Space

Use the space for storage or a garage and free up your yard and attic space for better use.

In the aftermath of any disaster, people want to get answers to their questions and solutions to their issues. Whether your home is situated in a low lying area that is susceptible to floods or your house was damaged by an act of Mother Nature, you have a choice in who you work with to get your home back to a livable condition.


New FEMA regulations require that you raise your house to base flood elevations, but if you live in a moderate flood-risk area, you may still choose to elevate your home for added protection.

Raising your New Jersey home is a good choice because:

  • Elevation helps protect your property from possible storm damage
  • Elevation preserves neighborhoods and the local community
  • Elevation prevents the addition of waste to our landfills
  • Elevation ensures a reasonable premium for your flood insurance
  • Elevation raises the value of your home

Leave the Heavy Lifting To Us

Contact the home elevation professionals at Penn Jersey Development Co. and rise above future floods.