Not everyone in the market for a custom home is in the market for a mansion. In fact, many custom home buyers are simply looking for a modest two or three bedroom home to make their own. If you fall into the later category, consider going with an affordable New Jersey home builder like Penn Jersey Development Co.

Not all home builders are created equal. While some choose to specialize in multimillion dollar custom home construction for the wealthy, others make it their mission to build affordable, sensible homes for the rest of us. Penn Jersey is just such a company. Penn Jersey Development understands that many home buyers favor sensible design to extravagance and would prefer to go with an affordable home builder in New Jersey.

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And why not? While there is no denying the allure of 6,000 sq. ft. palace, modest homes afford many advantages over more opulent construction beyond the smaller price tag. For starters, the more modest a home is, the cheaper and easier it is to maintain. Many of the higher end construction materials utilized in the construction of luxury housing requires constant upkeep and maintenance. Maintaining a smaller home, however, is much less labor intensive and can often be handled by the homeowners themselves.

Additionally, modest homes are mush easier to move on the housing market. When you put a luxury home on the market, you are banking on it catching the eye of a very specific and relatively small demographic, the wealthy. On the other hand, a smaller, less opulent home casts a much wider net for potential buyers. And then there’s the matter of styling. Luxury homes are often incomplete without personal touches that speak to the personality of the owner. These features make a luxury home unique and special. These same feature, however, can also make a home utterly unappealing to a buyer with differing tastes. This means that more affordable homes are actually safer investments in the long run.

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Finally, affordable housing construction projects often take much less time to complete that luxury custom home construction projects. The sheer scope of the construction aside, luxury home construction often involves a plethora of special contractors in a plethora of different fields. There’s a famous saying about cooks in the kitchen that I’m sure I don’t need to bother restating.

An affordable New Jersey home builder, however, can complete a full home construction in a fraction of time. This means the homeowner spends less time waiting for their home to be complete, and more time living in it.

If you’re looking for an affordable home builder in New Jersey look no further than Penn Jersey Development Co. With over 25 years of affordable home building experience and over 250 custom built homes to their credit, Penn Jersey is the smart choice in New Jersey. Give them a call today and start making your dream home a reality.